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Roller Shutters



Our range of steel or aluminium roller shutters can be integrated into shop front designs, or bolted on to any existing frontage.

A choice of controls such as key switch, remote control and key pad.

Finished in economic galvanised steel or our range of standard plastic coated colours, we can also powder coat to any RAL colour.

Here at 'Concept Glazed Aluminium' we can design and build an integrated shop frontage with built in or add on roller shutters.

We have a wide range of commercial shutters and doors designed not only for security and access, but for aesthetics and frequency of use. Used in many locations from offices, shops and schools, to high street retail chain stores. They provide ideal security, access, and fire break solutions to shop fronts, windows, pedestrian doorways, bar counters, kitchen counters, and server hatches.

Whether it be commercial or residential shutters offer attractive & effortless security. Acting as a fantastic deterrent as well as defending against the most persistent intruder by forming a near impenetrable barrier over your windows and doors.